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Customized Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy, or "peripheral nerve damage", impacts well over 30 million Americans, making it one of the most common chronic diseases and a leading cause of adult disability. Neuropathy disrupts the body's ability to communicate with its muscles, organs, and tissues. Symptoms can include burning, numbness, tingling, weakness,  pain and walking and balance problems often beginning in the hands and feet. If ignored, symptoms can intensify to loss of sensation, weakness, unremitting pain and disability.

Of the over 300 known causes of neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy represents over 1/3 of all neuropathies, making diabetes the leading cause. A third of all neuropathies are "idiopathic" unknown cause. Other neuropathies include autoimmune related, heredity, chemotherapy, entrapment, or trauma related and neuropathy's related to causes such as toxins, nutritional deficiencies, gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic diseases, or infectious diseases including Lyme and HIV/AIDS. "Neuropathy's prevalence is escalating at an alarming rate."

Neuropathy Laser  Center in Vero Beach, Florida, provides you with the most comprehensive research based treatment.



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Who We Are

We are a dedicated health team of professionals, delivering the finest research based treatment for neuropathy. Whether it be diet, lifestyle, heredity, side effect of medications or underlying infections, we recommend the best approach to helping you get well fast. Our Clinic Director, Doctor Susan Perkins, has been licensed in Chiropractic Medicine in the state of Florida for over 25 years. Doctor Perkins is also certified as a functional medicine practitioner.  

Mission Statement

Our goal is to put your symptoms (conditions) into remission by short term, active therapy. Together, through dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplementation, and occasional supported treatment, we will manage your conditions in the best way possible.

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