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Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy Patients

At Neuropathy Laser  Center in Vero Beach, Florida, we offer cost-effective and short-term treatment for peripheral neuropathy patients. We provide you with a unique individual customized  treatment plan. Our treatments are suitable for those who have undergone chemotherapy, have diabetic neuropathy, or have nerve damage due to side effects of certain drugs.  If you are experiencing any of the following you may be a candidate for our treatment.


Individualized Treatment

We offer several different treatment modalities, which are completely safe with no known side effects. All of our therapies are FDA cleared. Your treatment program can be as little as four to six weeks. It has shown to have a 90% patient satisfaction in as little as the first two weeks



Special Evaluation

A special evaluation fee of $47 is currently being offered to determine if you would benefit from our treatment. This evaluation includes the following, which are done only if medically necessary:


• Consultation with the Doctor
• Advanced NeuroFoot Analysis ™
• Computerized Balance Test
• Nitric Oxide Saliva Test
• Doctor’s Report & Recommendation 

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